Friday, June 18, 2010

New Ice Cream!!!

Haagen Dazs (the maker of the best kind of ice cream), has come up with the a new kind of ice cream! It is a natural ice cream that is made with only 5 ingredients!!! These ingredients are sugar, milk, cream, eggs, and a natural flavor ingredient.(lemons, mint, chocolate...etc) One of my favorite flavors they make is Lemon.

It is delicous!  It is the most refreshing, sweet, but citrussy ice cream I have ever tasted! It is a tart, but sweet lemon ice cream with lemon zest in it. My dad said that it made his tongue smile!:-) I can't wait to try all the other flavors! (especially carmel!) (because I love carmel!!!) If I had to put a dislike to the ice cream I would say that there is a little to much lemon zest for me! If they just took out a little bit of lemon zest it would be perfect!

-Emma Lou :-)


  1. I love Haagen Dazs five ingredient ice cream. Haven't tried the lemon, but the vanilla bean is my favorite ice cream of all!

  2. I love the 5 Ingredient carmel... It's pretty amazinggg!

  3. i tried the lemon 5 ingriedient and i couldnt put it down its my new fav thanks for the tip!! :-)