Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Early Bird Gets a Seat!

I recently went to the Taste of Chicago! I went to see a Mario Batali cookbook signing! He has just come out with a brand new book called Molto Gusto! Translation of Molto Gusto is Great Taste! Obviously it is in Italian! For those of you who don't know who Mario Batali is, he is an Iron Chef, he has 15 restaurants,and multiple cookbooks. In other words he is the ultimate chef!
The Taste of Chicago is a festival where restaurants from all over Chicago go and show off their food!  Unfortunately it was hot, crowded, and just about everything was fast food. When I got to the stage to see Mario it was completely full and I had to stand in the back. Now I am not that short but when 15 adults are standing in front of you, you seem pretty shorrt! I got a few glimses of Mario at least! But then came the best part, the book signing! So I bought a cookbook and hopped in line to see the one of a kind chef! When I got to the front of the line I got to take a picture with him and have him sign my book! He signed it " To Emma; Spaghetti is Love; Mario Batali."

Mario Batali is one of the worlds best chef! He has changed the culinary world so much! No one can forget the man with orange crocs! My favorite episodes of Iron Chef are the ones with Mario in them! He is also very funny! During the cooking demonstration he was cracking jokes! It was very fun! He also talked about one of his favorite mottos! He said that you aren't cooking unless you burn something! I think that this makes sense! I think that more flavor comes out when you burn things! Like when I burn my marshmellow for my smore!  Or creme brulee, you are supposed to burn the sugar to bring out more flavor! That is why Mario Batali is my favorite chef!:-)

Emma Lou:-)
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  1. Love the post Emma - next time in your NY lets go to one of his restaurants... perhaps Lupa or Babbo (or both!)!! xxxAunty Bethie.